Ruby  Pedigree (Valentine Puppies !)
Our  Red/Rust Ruby litter  Dam Ruby X  Sire, Red Zeus.
We are expecting a wonderful Champion litter with  
Excellent puppies out of
our Champion bloodline
parents. Due February 2018. Accepting reserve/hold
deposits, and payments.

Our  Champion, Bloodlines.  Both American and
European, Champions. Best of both.
Ruby is  pictured here.

Research Pedigree - 5 Generation
Ruby Star

Name: Radiant Ruby Star
AKC #: WS301301/0
Breed/Variety: Doberman Pinscher
Sex: Female
Colors/Markings: Red & Rust  

Radiant Ruby Star
Red & Rust  
Amazing Red Caelum Sky
WS029553/07 05-05
Red & Rust  
Cambria's Sweet Dreams
WP988974/04 12-02
Black & Rust
AKC DNA #V301916  
CH Wynterwynd's Field Of Dreams
WP901469/08 11-00
Black & Rust
CH Cambria's Cactus Cash
WP542308/03 12-95
Black & Rust
OFA38G AKC DNA #V44845  
CH Rahdy's Sail The Seven Seas
WP339372/03 05-93
Black & Rust
CH Cambria's Nocona V Texas UD
WP399260/04 06-94
Red & Rust
CH Cambria's Carman
WP542640/09 05-98
Black & Rust
CH Brunswig's Cryptonite
WF947270 10-88
Red & Rust
CH Cambria's Mauna Kea
WG195859 10-91
Black & Rust
CH Cambria's Go For The Gold
WP612141/14 09-97
Red & Rust  
CH Rahdy's Strike The Gold CD
WP339372/04 12-94
Red & Rust
CH Brunswig's Cryptonite
WF947270 10-88
Red & Rust
CH Rahdy's Sable V Deserae
WG001863 09-91
Black & Rust  
CH Cambria's Mauna Kea
WG195859 10-91
Black & Rust
CH Agape's Lion Of Judah
WF672819 11-86
Black & Rust
CH Florowill Bit Of Magic
WF715021 12-88
Red & Rust
Heidi's Lil Star Miyah
WR014559/09 05-03
Black & Rust
Von Stone's Asteroid
WP846199/04 03-00
Red & Rust
AKC DNA #V125152
Von Stone's Red Son Rising
WP748036/06 06-98
Red & Rust  
Von Stone's Keno
WP626475/03 05-96
Black & Rust
AKC DNA #V145614  
Von Stone's Lil' Miss Lexie
WP570109/03 03-97
Black & Rust  
Icee Blue Thunder
WP681224/04 06-98
Blue & Rust
OFA27E  Wolfgang ZZ Top
WP485353/05 09-94
Blue & Rust  
Wolfgang Zappa
WP403867/05 11-93
Black & Rust  
Little Heidi Max
WP919064/12 05-01
Black & Rust
Little Sheba's Caesar
WP434340/04 07-96
Black & Rust  
Smashing Jack
WG506295 11-92
Black & Rust  
Heidi's Little Sheba
WG526680 02-93
Red & Rust  
Harlow Maggie Max
WP550982/03 07-96
Black & Rust  
Jd's Mighty Max
WG265174 07-94
Black & Rust  
Ms Maggie May Of Union
WP317785/02 11-92
Red & Rust  
Radiant Arielle Star
WS201908/05 09-08
Red & Rust
Diabora Gonsieur Gall
WS187709/02 04-07 (Hungary)
Black & Tan
Adamant De Grande Vinko
TUKU 001080/02  
Tigr Iz Slavnoi Stai
RKF 0031707  
Ugor Di Villa Conte
ENCI DS127362  
Indira V.D. Rauberhohle
DZB 1111135  
Ak-Yar Andromeda
TUKU 004311/97  
Larson Vom Frankenland
DZB 101909  
Ak-Yar Shagrelli
TUKU 000265/01  
Diabora Mini Adria
MET DOB.3327/00
Diblath Diblaim V Diaspora
MET DOB.182/93  B
aron Bryan Vom Harro's Berg
NHSB 1419756  
Thamar Tara V Diaspora
NHSB 1567813  
Diabora Mara
MET Dob.2453/99

Dura Drusilla V Diaspora
MET Dob.260/H/93  
Detty's Adorable Admission
WS120300/06 04-07
Red & Rust  
Chief Black Thunder
WS057538/02 10-04
Black & Rust
OFA24E AKC DNA #V416474  
Wiking Di Perlanera
WS056026/01 01-04 (Hungary)
Black & Rust
AKC DNA #V288420
Bagio Bobi Renewal
MET Dob.2300/H/99  
Coco-Chanell King Of Darkness
MET Dob.5095/95  
Venus Kimbertal Wilson
WP843633/11 12-99
Red & Rust
Kimbertals Energizer
WP712762/06 08-97
Black & Rust
AKC DNA #V83741  
Kimbertals Cinnamon Baby
WP695748/01 10-97
Red & Rust  
Donovan's Pretty Girl
WP881563/05 06-05
Red & Rust  
Jake's Red Fury
WP787076/08 01-99
Red & Rust
Jag's Red Impossible Dreams
WP639115/02 12-96
Red & Rust  
Kendra's Blue Spirit
WP604118/09 12-96
Blue & Rust  
Rage Red Rebel
WP583644/07 08-96
Red & Rust
Bud Mister Von Starr
WP344395/01 01-95
Blue & Rust  
Browns Elegant Desire
WP363265/06 06-93
Red & Rust