June 2015 Litter Ruby X Red Zeus
                   Pictures of puppies  
The camera seems to be
un able to get the color
right in these pictures.
The red color in the ones
above is the true color of
the puppy coats.
Red Male
Although some people now
days, do leave the ears natural.
Most want the crop. That will
begin here soon.
The crop has to be done
between 8- 16 weeks with most
Ears just un
wrapped, for the
3rd time.. Still
healing but doing
Red Pups, out of June 2015 litter.
With ears recently cropped.. The
pictures have been taken right
after the posts came out for ear
cleaning.  After 24 hr , up they go
again for another 5 day posting.
This will go on for 2 months
minimum. Until the ears are
properly set.