Testimonials from our new happy puppy owners.
Puppies out of our February 14 2016 litter
1 week home. Picture removal of first
ear wrap, after crop. Looks good!
He has a wonderful home.
Vinnie is a Beautiful Red Male out of
our 2-14-16 litter. He is going to be a
big boy.

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From: A
Date: 4/30/2016 8:40:50 AM
To: starreagledobermans@yahoo.com
Subject: Puppy Perfection

Good morning!

Ok I know you already know this, but
your line is simply Doberman
perfection.  Our new baby's registered
name will be JAF's Don Vincenzo
Ferguson, but we call him Vinnie. It's
been 1 week: ZERO accidents, he loves
his pen area, puts himself to bed, Lets
us know when he has to go potty, gives
amazing puppy kisses, is a perfect
little specimen (for real), GORGEOUS
with beautiful lines, already fetches,
knows sit/stay (most of the time),
knows his name, and is literally the
smartest dog we have EVER had (and
that is saying a lot because we both
grew up with Dobermans and German
Shepherds). His ears are doing well
but boy is taping and keeping them on
a challenge :)  Attached is a pic of his
pure perfection this morning before we
gave him a bath and redid his ears.

Thank you for letting us adopt him!!

Alicia, Jeff & Vinnie
From: A
Date: 05/19/16 11:43:50
To: starreagledobermans@yahoo.com
Subject: Vinnie!

Hi!  Just wanted to share another
beautiful (recent, today) picture of our
baby.  It doesn't show how long his legs
have gotten, but his ears and face are
gorgeous!  The vet and entire staff
loved him too.  I swear he grows
overnight, every night.